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Former President Trump gives hopes for 2023

(PALM BEACH, FLA) — While making an appearance at Mar-A-Lago’s New Year’s party on Palm Beach, former President Donald Trump laid out his hopes for 2023 saying “We need a strong border and we need it now,” he said, and then added: “We also have to bring back the economy … with inflation destroying our country.”
Trump-Hopes For 2023
Trump declared his 2024 White House candidacy in November and spoke briefly to the media as he and Melania Trump made their way into the ballroom.

Trump said he hoped the Russia-Ukraine war “will get straightened out very quickly” and said he is bullish about his campaign going into 2023, adding he had received some poll numbers that looked “fantastic,” but offered no details.

The event was attended by pollster Dick Morris, legal adviser Rudy Giuliani and pillow maker Mike Lindell. All walked the red carpet but did not comment about Trump or their expectations for 2023.
Trump’s second-oldest son, Eric, and his wife, Lara, attended but, Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, did not appear at the event.