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Former Navy rescue swimmer accused of trying to drown security guard in Okaloosa Island pool

Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office
Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

OKALOOSA ISLAND, FL– A former Navy rescue swimmer has been accused of attempting to drown a security guard in a pool.
The incident was reported on Friday, March 24 at a condominium complex on Santa Rosa Boulevard on Okaloosa Island.
The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office says they received a call from the victim around 10:15 p.m. stating that the suspect tried to drown him after he asked him to leave the pool.
According to the report, 33-year-old Seth Beavers of Sterling, Ill., was at the pool after hours and did not take kindly to the security guard asking him to leave.
The two got into an argument and that’s when Beavers pulled the security guard into the pool. Beavers then hit the security guard in the head and pulled him under the water.
Officials say though the security guard could not swim, he was able to get away from Beavers and out of the pool briefly.
Beavers continued to hit the security guard and pulled him back into the pool, this time submerging his head fully in the water.
The security guard reported that he was deprived of oxygen and feared that he was going to die.
Beavers has since been taken into custody and charged with attempted murder.