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Forecasters expect 19 storms this hurricane season

Hurricane season is just around the corner, and forecasters at Colorado State University are expecting a total of 19 storms this hurricane season.

Experts released their hurricane season forecast on Thursday, and they have named 19 storms that are expected in 2022, 2 fewer than last year.

Of those storms, 9 are expected to become hurricanes, 4 of them will likely be major.

Plus we will have La Niña in the Pacific which results in more tropical storms because wind shear reduces in the tropical Atlantic along with stability.

CSU experts estimate there will be 90 storm days this year, exceeding the average by 20 days.

While there are more hurricanes than normal expected this year, scientists say seasons like this one are becoming more common.

2021 was the third most active hurricane season on record, according to data.

2022 also marks one of the years with the most named storms in CSU’s forecast history.