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Floridians 60 plus can now book vaccine appointments through Publix

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(AP Photo/Scott Iskowitz, File)

If you are 60-64 years-old, Friday is your first opportunity to book a vaccine appointment through Publix.

Governor Ron DeSantis announced the state will drop the age of eligibility from 65 to 60 as of Monday, March 15. However, because Friday’s appointments will be scheduled for next week, Publix is allowing adults in that age group to start booking appointments.

The portal opens at 7 a.m. Appointments booked on Monday or Friday will be for the Moderna vaccine. Appointment made on Wednesday are for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

In a nationwide address, President Biden said he wants all adult Americans to be allowed to receive the coronavirus vaccination by May 1st.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he expects Floridians 55 and up will be able to get the shot later this month.

Desantis vaccines for 55

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says the state is expanding its retail pharmacy program for Covid-19 vaccines and that most Floridians could be eligible for a shot by April.