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Florida youth director arrested for third time

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (22)
Escambia County Jail

A north Florida youth director has been arrested for a third time on video voyeurism charges after authorities discovered more explicit images of victims.

Police say they arrested 37-year-old David Nims of Calvary Baptist Church in Pensacola Friday on eight more video voyeurism charges.

The initial arrest occurred on June 7th after a 14-year-old boy saw a camera under a sink in the youth hallway of the church and reported to authorities. The video showed several people using the restroom while unaware that they were being filmed.  Nims eventually posted the $10,000 bond and was released from jail.

Authorities then re-arrested Nims several days later after finding more than 100 images of child pornography while executing a search of his home. Nims again posted the $10,000 bond and was released on June 17th.

The latest arrest is said to be in conjunction with the search warrant that was executed on his home in June , according to reports.

During the search, deputies found one SD card and four micro SD cards in Nims’ pants pocket that contained videos of at least eight people who were filmed without their knowledge inside the church bathroom.

At least three of Nims’ victims are said to be children.