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Florida woman who thought cats were screaming outside of her home discovers abandoned baby

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MULBERRY, FL– A woman who thought she heard cats screaming and fighting outside of her home went outside to discover what she was hearing was an abandoned baby.
The incident occurred outside of a mobile home in Mulberry late Friday night.
The woman told investigators that she heard what she believed were cats fighting just around midnight. The commotion went on for about an hour before it stopped.
According to the woman, she began hearing the screaming again so she and her husband went into the woods to see what was going on, and that’s when they found the infant.
Authorities say the infant was on a small hill wrapped in a blanket and still attached to the placenta.
The infant was taken to an area hospital where it was reported that she is healthy and stable.
Medical personnel estimated that the baby had been born an hour before she was found.
Under Florida’s “Safe Haven Law” parents can leave an unharmed newborn that is less than a week old at hospitals, police stations, fire stations, or safe haven facilities.
The parent can leave the child anonymously and without prosecution.
In this case, authorities are searching for the parents of the child because the child was left in a dangerous area.