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Florida woman stabs roommates who asked her to move out then goes shopping

Marion County Sheriff's Office
Marion County Sheriff’s Office

A 30-year-old Florida woman who describes herself as a sociopath reportedly stabbed both of her roommates and then went shopping.
The Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested Christina Adams on September 16th after they received a call around 8:00 a.m. from one of the victims.
When they arrived at the home, police found two victims and both claimed that their roommate Adams stabbed them before taking off.
Both women were taken to an area hospital where they remain in critical condition.
Adams was later located by police after returning to the scene from a shopping trip.
When authorities spoke to Adams, she initially denied any involvement in the stabbings, but later confessed that she stabbed her roommates because they asked her to leave the home two months prior.
On the morning of the stabbing, the roommates reportedly told Adams that she needed to vacate the property the following day.
After talking extensively with the victims, Adams changed her clothing to conceal her skin and stabbed both of the victims multiple times.
Believing the victims were dead, Adams discarded her clothes and went shopping.
“These senseless acts of violence are shocking to all of us. I’m very proud of my deputies and detectives that worked so quickly to not only provide aid to the victims but, also to capture such an evil person and ensure that our streets are safe,” said Sheriff William Woods of Marion County Sheriff’s Office.
Adams has been charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and tampering with evidence. She is being held at the Marion County Jail with no bond.