Florida Woman Says "Demons" Made her Steal Rental Vehicle

Sean Dillon

Authorities in Jacksonville, Florida have arrested a woman after she reportedly stole a vehicle because the “demons” told her to do it.
The incident occurred Thursday at Ace Rent a Car.
According to the report, by the assistant general manager of the business, the woman became upset because the rental company was overbooked and did not have any more rentals to give out.
Security cameras show the woman standing by the front desk then moments later the woman driving off in a white Toyota RAV4.
The woman was later located at a nearby Travelodge Inn and Suites, where she attempted to hide from police in a hotel room. Authorities were eventually able to get into the hotel room and arrested her.
The woman then told police that she did it because the demons told her to do it after she first attempted to rent the car and was told she could not.
“Demons told me to do it,” she said. “I didn’t take it, the demons took it.”
She continued, “I tried to rent it, but y’all didn’t want to rent me a car. Y’all talking about how y’all didn’t have any cars to rent so I stole y’all’s (expletive).”
As of Friday, the woman was still being held in custody.