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Florida woman pulled from storm drain for third time

Delray Police department
Delray Police department

DELRAY BEACH, FL– According to reports, the same woman has been pulled from inside of a storm drain for the third time in two years.
Lyndsey Kennedy was rescued by officers and firefighters on Wednesday after a concerned citizen reported a woman possibly in distress, swimming in a canal.
When authorities arrived at the scene around 12:00 p.m. they located Kennedy in the canal and asked her if she was in need of help.
According to the report, Kennedy ignored officials and then climbed into the storm drain pipe.
Officials asked her to come out of the drain, however, Kennedy refused orders and climbed further into the drain.
Delray Beach Fire Rescue Special Operations Team members went to another section of the drain where it crossed under Lindell Boulevard to cut her off.
Fire officials were able to pull her out of the drain using a ladder and rescue harness.
Once Kennedy was pulled out of the drain, authorities noticed that she had minor injuries.
She was taken by paramedics to a nearby hospital for an evaluation.
According to reports, authorities have rescued Kennedy from a storm drain in Delray in March of 2021 and a storm drain in Texas in May of 2021.