Florida Woman on First Date Ends Up in Police Chase

In a first date that would be difficult to top, a Florida woman was left abandoned in a stranger’s car while a man she’d met on the Internet ran into woods with a gaggle of police officers in pursuit.

The memorable date occurred late last week in Palm Coast after a Flager County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to stop a vehicle for displaying expired tags, according to a report.

The driver led cops on a high-speed chase that ended when he drove over a device used by police to puncture tires. Undaunted, the man jumped out of the car and took off on foot, disappearing into a wooded area. He managed to get away and is still at large, according to the sheriff’s office.

Meanwhile, his bewildered date was left alone in the vehicle. “She was very scared,” says sheriff’s chief Chris Sepe. “She told us she didn’t really know his last name; she knew him by two different first names.”