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Florida woman jailed after getting kicked out of rehab for kissing another woman

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A Florida woman claims that she was unfairly kicked out of a sobriety program which ultimately led to her arrest, because she kissed another woman.
29-year-old Kaylia Hevia of Seminole county says she was removed from the Christian-based drug rehab center, Teen Challenge, last month after she admitted to kissing a woman.
The rehab center told the court that they removed Hevia for “willfully and substantially” violating probation conditions.
“It’s just unfair that my sobriety should be compromised because of my sexuality,” Hevia told reporters.
After authorities were notified that Hevia was no longer at the facility, she was arrested and sentenced to 120 days in Seminole County Jail.
Hevia has retained an attorney, however, the attorney reported that Hevia would likely complete the 120 day sentence before her appeal is heard.
“Basically, the precedent that this case set was that Ms. Hevia willfully and substantially violated her probation by being gay,” Assistant Public Defender Natasa Ghica said. “Obviously, that’s problematic.”
Hevia was originally placed in the program as part of a plea deal after authorities found her passed out in the back of a vehicle in 2021. Authorities reported that she was high on Xanax and driving with a suspended license.