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Florida woman intentionally drives into lake with her two sons


LAKELAND, FL– The Lakeland Police Department is reporting that they believe that the deaths of a mother and her two young children at Lake Wire may have been intentional.
The police department began investigating the deaths after finding a vehicle submerged on the west side of the lake on Dec. 30 around 5:30 a.m.
As the fire department and dive teams removed the vehicle from the lake, they noticed the front driver’s window rolled down and a woman’s body inside.
Authorities then discovered two young children in the backseat.
Officials have since identified the woman as 35-year-old Ortilla Zamora and the children as her two sons ages 4 and 9.
According to family members, Zamora had possibly been experiencing mental health issues a few days before the incident.
Authorities are reporting that the family was not from the area and they are unsure what brought them there.
The situation is still under investigation.