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Florida woman fatally shoots armed intruder who made frantic calls to police moments before breaking into her home


PUTNAM COUNTY, FL– The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a 67-year-old woman fatally shot an armed suspect who entered her home Wednesday morning.
The victim told police that around 3:00 a.m. she began hearing the handle to her front door shaking and got up to open it, believing it was her husband returning from work.
According to the report, the person at the door was not the woman’s husband but has been identified as 64-year-old Reginald Best.
The woman says Best forced his way into her home and she told him to leave several times.
At one point Best reportedly raised both arms in the air and that’s when the woman noticed he had a gun in his hand.
Fearing for her life, the woman fired one shot at Best and called the police.
When authorities arrived, they found Best on the floor of the woman’s home bleeding from a gunshot wound.
He was taken to a hospital where he later died.
Officials say before the shooting occurred, they received multiple frantic phone calls from Best and another woman.
Best told them that he was hiding from his neighbors and that multiple people were standing outside of his house wearing orange.
The woman told police that Best jumped out of the window and ran down the street with a firearm.
Authorities say they were on their way to that call when they were called about the shooting.