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Florida Woman Creates GoFundMe Page to Sue County Over Mask Order


A Martin County woman has created a GoFundMe page, with the goal of paying for a lawsuit against the county, after officials there passed a mask ordinance earlier this week.

“We cannot allow our local government to be involved in the gross disregard for our basic individual rights. This has to stop and we need to stand together and firm against this tyranny,” Kaye Traficante, the organizer, wrote.

She explains that all of the money donated will be used towards the lawsuit and attorney fees against the county, as well as for any appeals.

Anti-mask GoFundMe page

“Today it’s mask laws. Tomorrow it will be mandatory vaccines. What happen to my body my choice? Guess that only applies when killing babies or something… How convenient..,” one donator commented.

The page, which was created on Wednesday, has raised nearly $6,500 as of Thursday evening. Traficante says the goal is to raise $10,000.

Martin County officials have not commented about the page or Traficante’s plan to fight the mask order.