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Florida woman claims Walmart fired her because of her needs as a new mom

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DeFuniak Springs- FL–
A woman from Northern, Florida is suing Walmart after she says she was fired due to her needs as a new mother.
The woman identified as a deli employee was fired from the DeFuniak Spring in January 2021 because her needs were “Problematic.”
According to the report, the woman was granted the right to sue the company for sex/pregnancy discrimination by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in May and filed the lawsuit on July 7th.
In the lawsuit, the woman claims that she was constantly harassed by two of her managers whenever she needed to pump milk.

The woman says also experienced “great discomfort” in a room that was designed for her pump milk because other employees would constantly walk in and out of the room and sometimes there would be male employees working on computers in the room while she was pumping.
“To make matters worse… (she) often had to wait (sometimes up until an hour) until management opened the door in order to pump,” the lawsuit claims.

The woman says she submitted a doctor’s note for “reasonable accommodations for pumping and pregnancy-related absences,” but was denied those extra accommodations. She then spoke to her manager and was told that the store “does not accept doctor’s notes.” She was then fired two days later.
Walmart spokesperson Randy Hargrove defended the store saying the management team did provide the woman with the accommodations she needed:
“We support our associates by providing accommodations every day and believe store management provided (the woman) with the necessary breaks to express milk in a secure, clean, and private area.”
He also added that the woman was fired “for excessive absences that were unrelated to any breaks or protected activity.”

The woman claims that Walmart saw her pregnancy related limitations as a problem and moved to fire her:
“It is clear that (Walmart) saw (the woman’s) pregnancy and her restrictions/need to pump breast milk as problematic and utilized same as a substantial motivating reason in its decision to terminate her,” the complaint states.
The woman is seeking an unspecified amount of damages, including back pay, front pay, and attorneys’ fees, the suit states. It also demands a trial by jury.