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Florida woman charged after falsely filing 119 voter registration forms

A Florida woman has been charged with filing false voter information after authorities say she altered and/or turned in several voter applications with false information.

The Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office says employees flagged 119 voter registration forms after they found that the forms included incorrect information like birth dates, Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers.

Lake County Sheriff’s officials say that during their investigation, they found that all of the falsified applications were handled by 63-year-old Cheryl A. Hall of the Florida First’s office in Winter Haven.

Officials say Florida First assists with registering voters and that Hall who is a registered Republican, was assigned to collect applications and turn them in.  During that process, however, Hall purposely switched the party affiliations of some Democratic and non-party voters to the Republican party without the knowledge of the voter. They also reported that some of the applications seemed to have forged signatures.

The Lake County Supervisor of Elections Alan Hays, told the Orlando Sentinel that some of the victims contacted the office to report that they received new voter registration cards reflecting the changes though they never filled out paperwork to make changes.

The office has since begun contacting other victims in the case. At least 10 people have decided to file formal complaints.

Hall turned herself in to police on Thursday. She is now facing 10 felony counts of submission of false voter registration information.