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Florida woman busted for making over 11,000 calls to police

Carla Jefferson
Carla Jefferson Booking Photo Courtesy: Pinellas County Jail

(PINELLAS COUNTY) — In an apparent cry for help, Carla Jefferson, 50, was arrested Monday and faces a misdemeanor charge for calling the St. Petersburg Police Department non-emergency line over 11,000 times in one year.

Jefferson’s calls, according to the complaint, stems towards extreme profanity towards officers and sexual ambiguity.

According to the police report, Jefferson called the Emergency Communications Center ‘512 times’ in one day, often demanding that officers ‘come and arrest her.’

When law enforcement arrived to her home to carry out the arrest, she reportedly ‘refused to answer the door, gave them the middle finger, and screamed at them through the windows.’

Jefferson’s obsessive predilection led to her arrest August 8 and is currently out with a $250 bond.

Staff Writer, Julianna Caban, contributed to this story.