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Florida woman bitten by alligator while walking her dog

Russia Alligator
(AP Photo/Mikhail Bibichkov)

Another day in Florida.

According to reports, a woman was bitten by an alligator while walking her dog by a retention pond.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) received a report of a 43-year-old woman bitten by an alligator while walking her dog on a leash along a small pond Palm Harbor.

According to the witness, the gator tried to get the dog, but the woman grabbed the dog quickly and in turn she slipped down and the gator got her leg.

The woman was rushed to the hospital where she’s being treated for her injuries to her lower leg.

FWC and officers contacted an alligator trapper to the scene. The contracted nuisance alligator trapper was able to remove the 7-foot animal.

FWC officials said they always remove the alligator involved in bite incidents. Relocating a nuisance gator is not a feasible option for people or alligators, according to state wildlife officials. Relocated alligators nearly always try to return to the site where they were captured.

In most cases, the alligator is processed for its hide and meat.

The incident is under investigation by the FWC.