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Florida woman arrested for skinny dipping in strangers pool

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Deranged Florida woman arrested after a man returned home from a doctor’s appointment to find her swimming naked in his pool, authorities said on Tuesday.

Kennedy was very reluctant to stop swimming in the pool and really grasp the full concept of what was going happening in real time.

According to a press release from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, the Port Charlotte resident first noticed clothing scattered across his lanai and then spotted the woman skinny dipping in his pool.

Deputies said the woman, identified as Heather Kennedy, 42, was initially hostile toward responding deputies and told them to leave her alone.

Authorities said the deputies asked Kennedy several times to get out of the water and get dressed.

Kennedy refused to identify once she arrived at the Charlotte County Jail, but authorities were finally able to identify her via other booking photos.

Kennedy is being held on charges of trespassing and resisting an officer without violence.