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Florida woman arrested after hitting fiancé with car during argument


(MIRAMAR, FL)– A 43-year-old woman has been arrested after she hit her fiancé with her vehicle and then left the scene.
The incident occurred in the 2300 block of Northwest 63 Terrace just before noon on Oct. 19.
Officials say Janel Lakendria Tate and her fiancé were in an argument when her fiancé somehow ended up on the hood of her car.
Tate then drove at a high rate of speed with her fiancé clinging to the hood of the vehicle, before slamming on the brakes.
Her fiancé fell backward off of the car, breaking his ankle and cutting his head on the pavement.
Tate was said to have gotten out of the car to check on him before driving away.
Tate returned to the scene after authorities arrived and claimed that her fiancé was in some sort of fight and she was coming to check on him.
Even after authorities showed Tate surveillance video showing her fiancé falling to the ground after she stopped the vehicle, she continued to lie to police.
Tate was arrested Tuesday and charged with aggravated battery and leaving the scene of an accident with a serious injury.
She was released from the Broward County Jail Wednesday on a $1,500 bond.
Records show authorities have been called to the couple’s home on several occasions due to domestic disputes.