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Florida woman arrested after found asleep at gas pump with gun in lap

Hernando County Sheriff's Office
Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

BROOKSVILLE, FL– The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that they have arrested a 30-year-old woman after finding her asleep in a vehicle with a gun in her lap.
Nicole Pellikan was taken into custody on Wednesday after authorities were called to a 7-Eleven to investigate an incident involving an armed woman in a vehicle at a gas pump.
Authorities say the clerk noticed a vehicle at one of the gas pumps for about 45 minutes and decided to survey the scene.
When the clerk walked up to the vehicle, they noticed Pellikan asleep inside the vehicle with a gun in her lap.
A deputy arrived at the scene and noticed the gun and two glass pipes in the vehicle.
Pellikan was removed from the vehicle so that the deputy could search it.
During the search, the deputy found a small baggie with 20 grams of a crystal-like substance in her backpack. The substance field-tested positive for methamphetamine.
Pellikan was taken into custody for possession of methamphetamine and drug equipment.
Authorities say she had a valid concealed weapons permit.