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Florida woman allegedly kept autistic child in metal cage

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (34)
Palm Bay police

Florida woman arrested after investigators found that she kept an autistic child who was under her care, housed in a metal cage.

43-year-old Melissa Doss was taken into custody on Sunday after police discovered the contraption in her home during a Department of Children and Families visit.

Authorities were called to the area the previous day, after the child was found wandering alone in a neighbor’s yard. The child was able to lead them back to the home where Doss informed them that the child somehow got out of the home.

When authorities asked if they could enter the home, Doss refused.

Authorities came back the next day and Doss let them in at that point.

Inside of Doss’ bedroom, authorities found a cage next to her bed complete with a pillow and a blanket.

When asked what the contraption was for,  Doss told authorities that she kept the child in the cage at night for her own safety and to prevent her from running away.

Doss was charged with three counts of child neglect without bodily harm and aggravated child abuse as aggravated assault, the report said.