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Florida woman accused of dumping body in alleyway and setting it on fire

St. Petersburg Police
St. Petersburg Police

Authorities in St. Petersburg have made an arrest in connection to a woman’s body that was found burning in an alleyway.
30-year-old Cree Worley was taken into custody on Tuesday in regards to the death of a 31-year-old woman Heather Elizabeth Olmstead.
Officials say they responded to a fire on Aug. 18th in an alley behind a building on 2920 Emerson Avenue South.
When they extinguished the fire, authorities discovered a badly burned body.
St. Petersburg Police spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez reported that the body was so badly burned officials could not tell the race or gender of the victim.
The victim was eventually ID’d as Olmstead.
Authorities also discovered surveillance video from the scene showing two trucks near the dumpster just before the fire.
They were able to pull the license plates from both vehicles and discovered that they were registered to Cree Worley and her mother, Julie Curran.
Worley was arrested and charged with abuse of a dead body. Her bond was set at $20,000.
Worley is no stranger to the law. Her previous charges include domestic battery, burglary, resisting an officer, and driving with a suspended license.
It was not said how the woman died or if Worley was responsible for her death, but her death is being treated as a homicide.