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Florida woman accused in death of 4-month-old baby, told police she was ‘overwhelmed’

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A Florida woman is behind bars after police say she is accused in the death of a 4-month-old who was left in her care.

28-year-old Samantha Mariel Angeles De La Rosa was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count second-degree murder, and two counts aggravated child abuse.

According to officials, deputies found the baby unresponsive with multiple bruises on her head, face and body when they went to the home Tuesday.

When Angeles was questioned she told investigators that a toddler pulled the baby off of a changing table, causing her to fall to the floor. Police say she changed her story a few times.

When autopsy reports came back, they found the baby had a fractured skull, which produced a brain bleed. The medical examiner said she died from blunt force trauma and ruled the death a homicide, the report said.

After the autopsy, investigators questioned Angeles once again and she told them that on Tuesday morning, the baby started crying as she changed her diaper. Angeles said she began thinking about “how overwhelmed she is in life” and then “lost it in a split second,” the report said. She grabbed the baby by the shoulders and struck her head against the changing table, according to the report.

Angles is being held without bond.