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Florida teen who struggled with homelessness graduates as schools valedictorian

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A Florida teen whose family struggled with homelessness is now his school’s valedictorian.

Martin Folsom is graduating at the top of his class as his schools valedictorian at A. Philip Randolph Career Academy.

According to Action News Jax Folsom and his mother have lived in and out of homeless shelters since he was a child.

Folsom said his drive for a better future kept him going. He says his mother has always encouraged him to keep going, “She has been the person that whenever I did end up getting upset or whenever I needed somebody to laugh with or talk to she was always there, she was always encouraging me,” he said. “As far as I know, I’m the first person in my family to actually get a college degree.”

Folsom said he plans to attend Valdosta State University in Georgia in the Fall.