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Florida teen reportedly made “kill list”

(AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)

A 14-year-old from Port St Lucie has been arrested after she reportedly made a “kill list” targeting eight people.

The situation was said to have unfolded at West Gate K-8 School, located at 1050 Northwest Cashmere Boulevard in Port St. Lucie.

Authorities say they began investigating the teen after they received an anonymous tip about the list that was located in the girl’s phone.

According to the report, all those listed in the phone were students at the school.

Chief Deputy Brian Hester reported that the department has contacted the parents of those named on the teen’s list.

Investigators also revealed that they did not find any weapons at the child’s home but did notice that the child was living in “deplorable living conditions.”

They also located cocaine and drug paraphernalia inside the home.

As a result of those findings, the child’s mother 40-year-old Brooke Lynne Hinkle, has been arrested.

The teen was taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice, while her mother was booked into the St. Lucie County Jail.