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Florida teacher claims she was fired after discussing sexuality with her students

A Florida teacher at Trafalgar Middle School in Cape Coral said she was fired after speaking with her students about sexuality.

Casey Scott who was an art teacher at the middle school spoke exclusively with NBC affiliate WBBH in southwest Florida. Scott said some students began drawing pictures of LGBTQ+ flags and claimed to be either non-binary, bisexual or gay. She said her students then asked her about her sexuality, “I’m pansexual,” she said, meaning she is attracted to people regardless of their sex or gender.

Soon after their discussion, Scott said she hung up the flags in the classroom. She then received a message from school administrators telling her that “it would be in the best interest if I just get rid of them now,” she said.

She then got another call from administration saying that, ‘Well, at this time, we are releasing you from your contract,'” Scott said.

The president of the Teachers Association of Lee County said the school district was within its right to fire her.

The school district told WBBH that Scott was terminated for not following state-mandated curriculum.