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Florida Taco Bell employee arrested after “combative” nightshift

Taco Bell
(AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

MULBERRY, FL– A Taco Bell employee has been arrested after her manager called the police because of her combative behavior.
The incident occurred on Sunday at the restaurant on Church Avenue in Mulberry, Florida.
Officials say one of the employees began complaining to her manager about the job before becoming extremely combative. The manager then hit a silent alarm to alert authorities.
When authorities arrived, the manager requested that the employee be removed from the store:
“Upon arrival, deputies were told by the store manager that an employee was causing a disturbance,” officials said. “The store manager requested that (she) be removed from the store.”
After investigating the employee further, authorities noticed that the employee had an outstanding warrant for her arrest regarding a felony theft case in March.
The employee is currently being held at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on a $2000 bond.