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Florida Sets up Checkpoints as Travelers Flock to State during Outbreak

Florida is setting up checkpoints on major highways to screen motorists from areas hard hit by the coronavirus. Traffic was backed up for miles along Interstate 95 heading from Georgia to Florida on Sunday because of the checkpoints. Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered a checkpoint to enforce a new order that travelers from New York, Louisiana, Connecticut and New Jersey self-isolate for two weeks if they come to Florida.

DeSantis said Saturday he thought the checkpoint was set up in a way that would enable traffic to flow smoothly. Florida officials shut down the checkpoint for four hours, but it reopened early Sunday evening. The state highway patrol and department of transportation will be on I-10 near the Alabama state line and on I-95 near the Georgia state line looking for people from Connecticut, Louisiana, New Jersey and New York. They’ll be required to isolate for 14 days or the length of their visit, whichever is shorter.