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Florida second highest in the nation for automotive insurance cost, study finds

Automotive insurance is a necessity for drivers if they want to get on the road.  Currently, Floridian drivers are spending more on automotive insurance than nearly every other state in the nation.

According to WPTV and a report from Bankrate.com, drivers in Florida spend 4.42% of their annual income on car insurance. Florida is second only to Louisiana, whose drivers pay 5.26% of their annual income to insure their vehicles.

One reason for such high prices, cited in the report, was the volatility of Florida’s weather.  The yearly threat of hurricanes and flooding drive up the cost.

On an annual basis, a Florida driver will spend an average of $2,276 for full coverage, whereas most other state’s drivers will spend an average of $1,771 for the same coverage.

Another reason for rising costs is the increased number of accident claims that have been filed over the last couple of years.

“We have tons and tons of more people coming into the state — obviously — so there’s going to be more accidents, more people buying insurance.”, says Robert Norberg, the president of Arden Insurance Associates. Norberg also said that this influx of people coming in from out of state would increase not only the number of accident claims, but the amount of time and resources spent on litigation.

Drivers who are looking to find some relief from these costs are advised to ask their insurance carriers if they offer homeowner and building discounts.