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Florida school marching band stands up to Disney’s woke demand

(SARASOTA, FLA) — Venice High School’s marching band will not perform at Walt Disney World after the park told them to cover the school’s Native American mascot.

Disney invited the Venice High School band to perform in next Saturday’s parade, but told the band to cover up the school’s logo of a Native American wearing a headdress.

The school declares itself the “home of the Indians.” The district said “No” and declined the invite adding that its students “deserve to be honored and celebrated without having to change the school name or alter the logo.”

Disney had originally approved the band’s performance during the Nov. 12 morning parade but walked back its offer after a change in policy, according to a letter sent to parents by Venice Senior High School Principal Zoltan Kerestely.

“Disney has stated that they are not allowing any depiction of Native Americans to be portrayed during events,” Kerestely wrote.