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Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz nominates Donald Trump for Speaker of the House

(WASHINGTON D.C.) — Still, no one appears to be a viable candidate for Speaker of the House. Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida – who’s one of the 20 Republican holdouts – formally nominated former President Trump for House Speaker – even though Trump has endorsed Kevin McCarthy.
Nominate President Trump

It is possible a resolution to the speaker problem could come today on this second anniversary of the January 6th storming of the Capitol.

Before the House adjourned for the night Thursday, McCarthy lost five more floor votes, marking eleven-straight ballot losses.

Trump even posted a meme on Truth Social of what it would look like if he indeed became Speaker of the House.

The House adjourned Thursday night and will reconvene at 12 p.m. Eastern Friday. Every Speaker since 1923 has been elected after just one vote. A group of about 20 hardline Republicans is opposed to McCarthy’s candidacy, arguing the party needs a new direction. It’s now the longest contest for the gavel since before the Civil War back in 1855.