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Florida police officer donates kidney to a another deputy

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A  Jupiter police officer donated his kidney to a retired Broward County sheriff’s deputy.

Back in August 2021, an email was sent across the country by a police group on behalf of Jeff Cooper, who was in renal failure.

Officer Guy Kitchens, 39, who has worn a badge with the Jupiter Police Department for nine years said “Something kept coming up in my head,”… “It was one of those things where, for some reason, it was like the one email ever to constantly replay in my head over and over.”

After reading the e-mail, Officer Guy Kitchens continued to think about Cooper whose days were numbered.

Kitchen’s and Cooper were a match, and the six hour surgery took place on Feb. 4 at Largo Medical Center. The two met not long after in the hospital.


(Courtesy: Jupiter Police)

Kitchens is back at work in a limited capacity.

“On or off duty, I’d run into an active shooter, you know, and try to stop and save lives, so this was just a different form of it,” Kitchens said.