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Florida police officer arrested for domestic assault

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A Coral Gables police officer is now facing several charges after he reportedly strangled his girlfriend and handcuffed her during an argument.

The incident occurred in the couple’s home Sunday night in Cutler Bay.

Authorities say 56-year-old officer Cristino Perez and his girlfriend were lying in bed when they began arguing about infidelity issues. During the argument, the girlfriend pushed Perez on the back and then went to the living room to sleep on the couch.

Perez then got up and went into the living room to tell the girlfriend to leave the home. That’s when they both began struggling over a blanket.

Authorities say the girlfriend then fell to the floor and that’s when Perez began strangling her.

The woman was able to kick Perez off of her and at that point, called out to her son to call the police.

That’s when Perez reportedly grabbed both the woman’s and her son’s phones to prevent them from calling.

The three then decided to go to bed in three separate bedrooms.

In the morning, the incident continued after the girlfriend went into Perez’ room and demanded to have her phone back.

When Perez refused and told her to get out of the house because their relationship was over:

“The victim became enraged and slammed an empty beer bottle on the ground,” the arrest report stated. “The defendant goes up to the victim and interlocks his fingers with hers while twisting her hands and brought her to her knees, causing pain.”

The woman then walked into the room where she slept and punched a hole through the window before walking back into the front room.

Perez then reportedly grabbed her by her robe, slammed her against a wall and then handcuffed the woman’s right wrist.

Hearing the incident, the woman’s son entered the room and told Perez to stop.

Perez then pulled the son out of the room and unhandcuffed his mother.

The woman than began packing her things and the police were contacted.

Perez was arrested on charges of domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, tampering with a witness or victim and battery.

He was given a $5,000 bond on Tuesday.