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Florida police officer arrested after engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a minor

Miami-dade corrections
Miami-dade corrections

MIAMI, FL — A police officer has been taken into custody after he allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl.
Miramar police officer Jose Robell Hernandez was taken into custody on Friday following an almost two-month investigation.
Authorities say they became aware of the situation between Hernandez and the victim after the victim suffered a mental health crisis following a pregnancy scare on April 13.
The victim disclosed to Miami Gardens Police that she was involved in a consensual sexual relationship with the 28-year-old Officer after meeting him on a dating app.
The teen told authorities that she eventually met up with Hernandez at a hotel in March and engaged in sexual activities with him. Afterward, the teen says Hernandez decreased communication with her.
Eventually, the teen told Hernandez that she believed she might be pregnant because she missed her menstrual cycle but Hernandez denied her allegations.
Authorities say they were shown a text message between the victim and Hernandez confirming that they had been sexually active:
“I don’t have fertile sperm because I’m in shots. It’s not even possible for me to get you pregnant. It’s way too soon,” Hernandez allegedly told the victim via text.

A judge Friday ordered to have no contact with the victim.

Hernandez has also been relieved of his duties without pay.