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Florida pilot’s flight path constructs perfect Christmas tree

Light aircraft flying overhead at takeoff with blue sky

(LAKELAND, FLA) — Florida pilot, Nathan Mitich, flew a flight path that constructed a Christmas tree on radar with his small plane. He took off from Lakeland Linder International Airport Sunday night and flew a flight path that looked like a Christmas tree.

Mitich started the design at the tip of the star and flew south then east, zigzagging northeast to southwest, creating tiers on the tree.

He maneuvered through multiple counties to construct the middle of the tree: Polk County, Manatee County and across Hardee County. Then he circled over Bowling Green, Wauchula and Zolfo Springs.

Mitich also created the appearance of ornaments and bow-topped presents along the bottom of the tree, (and over Myakka City), just in time for Christmas.
You can see the results of his four-and-a-half-hour flight at FlightAware.com by searching his tail number, N6387F.