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Florida ‘OnlyFans’ mom sues school after being banned from volunteering

(ORANGE COUNTY, FLA) — A Florida mom with a heavy presence in sexually explicit content on OnlyFans and the adult access section of Twitter filed a lawsuit against Orange County Public Schools, claiming the district ‘banned’ her from participating in a volunteer program.

Victoria Triece, 31, a mother of 2 students who attend Sand Lake Elementary, sued the school district after she was denied participation in a volunteer program she was a part of for 5 years in 2021.

“Many other parents of children in Orange County Schools are also participants in OnlyFans as well as other adult oriented professions, such as topless dancing, adult-themed acting, online sexting, among others,” Triece’s attorneys Mark NeJame and John Zielinski said in a news release Wednesday. “To paint Ms. Triece with the modern-day equivalent of a ‘Scarlet Letter’ has left Ms. Triece with no other option other than filing suit.”

Triece and her lawyers argued during a news conference Wednesday that the purpose of the lawsuit is to make sure the situation doesn’t happen to another parent.

“The main reason I’m doing this is not for myself. I can only imagine who’s been through this and couldn’t fight it and they’ve been told we don’t know how to fight this and how many people are to come that do the same exact thing I do,” Triece said. “And they’re going to be told one day they’re going to have somebody that just doesn’t agree morally with what they’re doing. And they’re going to have somebody do the same situation and I don’t think any mom, any dad, anybody in the position that I’m in should be going through that.”

Triece’s legal team accused the Orange County Public Schools district of “denying her the right to participate in her children’s lives as she chooses, the choice of denying her chosen livelihood versus seeing her children or being able to volunteer, and the ridicule she has suffered and will suffer because of being banned for no reason other than offending the moral sensitivities of another for what she does privately.”

Sand Lake Elementary Principal Kathleen Phillips was notified of Triece’s OnlyFans content when a ‘concerned parent’ notified school-board officials, according to reports.