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Florida officer in critical condition after shooting outside of hospital

Flashing Lights on Police Car
Modern LED light bar on police cruiser flashing red and blue emergency lights.

JACKSONVILLE, FL– A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer is in critical condition after he was shot by a suspicious person outside of a hospital.
The incident occurred on Tuesday night outside of Baptist Hospital South.
According to the report, an off-duty officer noticed a vehicle suspiciously circling the hospital and attempted to approach the driver.
When the officer got close, the driver took off.
Other officers were said to have gotten involved and began attempting to stop the driver, however, the driver opened fire on a patrol vehicle.
“The subject inside the car rolled the window down slightly, held out a gun or what looked like a gun, and said ‘shoot me,'” Sheriff T.K. Waters said.

Authorities were able to stop the vehicle, however, the driver continued to shoot at them.
Officials returned fire and the suspect was fatally shot.

At least one officer was shot during the incident and was taken to an area hospital in critical condition.

Investigators say they are unsure what caused the suspect to act the way he did. The suspect was said to have only had a speeding ticket on his record.