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Florida mother ordered to have no contact with her daughter after second incident involving child

Broward Sheriff's Office
Broward Sheriff’s Office

Miramar, FL– A local mother has been ordered to have no contact with her daughter after several incidents involving the child’s safety.
27-year-old Nicole Alejandro was taken into custody on child neglect charges Monday after her 3-year-old daughter was found wandering the Riviera Isles community around 3 a.m. alone.
Authorities say the child is in good health and however, this was the second incident involving the child’s safety.
According to reports, officials were called to the child’s aid in 2021 after a near-drowning incident.

“Although the child appears to be in good health and there are no apparent physical signs of abuse, we need to do our due diligence to ensure that the home is a safe environment,” Miramar Police officials said.
During a court hearing on Tuesday, a judge charged Alejandro with one count of child neglect and ordered that she have no contact with her daughter.
Alejandro must also undergo a mental health evaluation.