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Florida mother finds racist message written inside children’s book ordered on Amazon

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A Florida mother who purchased a book from Amazon in hopes of teaching her daughter a lesson found a hurtful message written inside.

The hateful message impacted not only the mother and her daughter, but the author of the children’s book, as well.

“I was appalled, I was absolutely appalled,” said author Bri Coleman.

“When I opened the book my heart immediately dropped,” said Ashley Lashaye. “It just makes me sad, you know, to know that in 2021 people are still experiencing this.”

When Ashley opened the book she ordered on Amazon for her daughter, she was shocked to find a racist message handwritten inside.

The message read “for [n-word], by [n-word].”

“I just went in my room and started crying,” she said.

The Miami native, who now lives in Daytona Beach, was hoping the children’s book “Through My Eyes” would be a delicate way to open the racial injustice discussion with her daughter.

But the disturbing message changed that.

“I haven’t even opened it to even read it because it kind of traumatized me,” Lashaye said.

Both Ashley and Bri contacted Amazon and said they were told an investigation would be launched.