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Florida mother and son arrested for running brothel


LAKE WORTH BEACH, FL– A mother and her son have been taken into custody following an investigation into allegations that they were running a brothel.
The Palm Beach County Human Trafficking Task Force began investigating 28-year-old Glin Yan Zuniga Latin and 52-year-old Amparo Latin Barillas after receiving complaints that they were offering teenage girls to adult men for commercial sex.
Officials used undercover “John” to surveillance the apartment on 304 S D Street where the brothel was said to operate.
It was found that Barillas was in charge of the operation and also collected the money at the door.
Authorities say customers were charged $50 at the door and would be given a card.
Once inside, the workers would exit the rooms and the customer would pick one of the workers. From there, the worker and the customer go into a room where they would have sexual interactions.
During a knock and talk, one of the workers told investigators that Barillas told her she would have to work three days a week and she would be paid $25 per customer.
The worker says she averaged 8-10 customers a day and would see them for the 15-minute time limit Barillas set.
Authorities were also told that there was another brothel next door but the two were considered separate businesses.
After looking into that residence, authorities reported that they believe the mother and the son were involved in that one as well.
Latin and Barillas were both arrested on Jan. 6.
They have been charged with deriving support proceeds of prostitution and maintaining a house of prostitution.