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Florida mom killed by lightning bolt while in school student pick-up area

(AP Photo/Dr. Scott M. Lieberman)

(ORLANDO, FLA) — A Florida mother has been killed in a lightning strike that also injured her child and a teenager.

The bolt hit a tree in Winter Springs Thursday afternoon energizing the surrounding area.  Capt. Doug Seely with the Winter Springs Police Department says the tragedy is a lesson for everyone.

“If there’s lightning, you got to really seek shelter. Lightning basically will travel and will energize the area so you might not be that close to the ground strike but it can energize the ground and it can make it to you.”

The mother passed away just hours after being struck. Fire officials in Seminole County, which is about 25 miles north of Orlando,  say the two survivors are recovering at a local hospital.

Parents at the school explained the area where the strike happened is a popular pick-up spot for students.

The bolt reportedly hit the tree while they were waiting underneath the awning for another child to be released from school.

The district says it will have counselors on campus today to support students and staff members in what is considered a tight-knit community.