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Florida Man’s Anti-Trump Golf Cart Causes Threatening Note

A Central Florida man who is known to be critical of President Trump says he recently found a threatening note on his door.

Although a Sumter County Sheriff’s Office report calls it a “vague threat,” the man says he believes it was placed there because of his golf cart, which carries anti-Trump messages.

“I’m the one guy they can’t intimidate. I’m right back in your face if you give me a hard time,” Ed McGinty says.

Trump carried The Villages with more than 60 percent of the vote in the 2016 election.

“There are some people so far to the right, they think they can intimidate the Democrats and they do a pretty good job of intimidating the Democrats,” adds McGinty.

In terms of the public reaction to the political rhetoric on his golf cart, “People go by and give me a thumbs up, others give me the middle finger,” he explains.

Last week, McGinty found a note on his door, stating that he needs to be careful if his family is important to him.

“If anybody’s got a problem with me, come to me, don’t go after my wife because she has nothing to do with this,” he says in response.