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Florida man who died in lake with gators is missing 3 limbs, police say

On Friday police officials said a man who was found dead in a Florida lake was missing three limbs after likely coming in contact with alligators.

Largo Police Department spokeswoman Megan Santo said in an email that the medical examiner’s final report on the death of Sean McGuinness would be finished in about two months.

47-year-old McGuinness was found May 31 in the lake in Taylor Park. Authorities say McGuinness was known to frequent the lake to find frisbees or discs and sell them.

It is still not known his exact cause of death. But Santo said he was missing three limbs when his body was found.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said two large alligators were trapped — one 10 feet (3 meters) long, the other 8 feet — but necropsies did not implicate either in McGuinness’ death.