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Florida Man Tries to Hire Detective Posing as “Hit Man” to Kill Brother

Authorities say a Florida man tried to hire a hit man to kill his brother and offered him a $160 down payment as part of the deal.

It turned out the “hit man” was really an undercover detective from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department. As a result, officials have charged 54-year-old Gary Hudge with solicitation to commit murder.

According to reports, Hudge met the detective during a drug investigation, and said that he wanted to hire the undercover detective to kill his brother, 57-year-old Thomas Hudge. The two were having a dispute about financial issues.

Investigators say the suspect provided several Michigan addresses where his brother could be found and offered .25-caliber handgun and a bus ticket, along with the cash.

Gary Hudge was arrested last Thursday and is jailed on $62,000 bail. He is also facing two drug charges.

It is unknown whether an attorney is representing him.