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Florida man stabs apartment manager over rent increase


A 75-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly stabbed the manager of his apartment complex because the building owner raised the rent.
Authorities were called to an apartment at 226 SW 5th Ave Thursday after the victim was stabbed twice.
The victim told police that he and resident Reinaldo Cuni-Garcia, got into an argument the day prior due to the rent increase.
The following day as the victim was cleaning the second-floor bathroom when Cuni-Garcia approached him carrying a white bag.
Cuni-Garcia then reportedly pulled a knife out of the bag and attempted to stab the manager in the chest.
The manager told police that he used his hand to block the knife from his chest and was stabbed in his arm twice.
The manager then took the knife from the suspect and ran into an office where he barricaded himself and called the police.
Authorities eventually found Cuni-Garcia hiding behind a motor scooter that was covered in a blanket behind a nearby building and arrested him.
Cuni-Garcia told authorities that “the victim told him that he could leave, insulted him, and started making fun of him,” when he told him that he “could not pay his rent anymore.”
Cuni-Garcia was charged with attempted first-degree murder and ordered he be held without bond Thursday.