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Florida man shoots roommate and sends video to another person

Miami-Dade Police
Miami-Dade Police

HIALEAH, FL– A 26-year-old Hialeah man has been arrested after he reportedly murdered a 19-year-old he shared a home with following an argument. 

The victim was discovered by police just before 4:15 p.m. Monday after they responded to a home in the 400 block of West 53rd Street. 

Authorities say the upper half of the victim’s body was stuffed into a trash bag. 

Investigators immediately identified Willy Yo Betancourt as their suspect. 

He was located around 4:40 p.m. in the area of East Second Avenue and 60th Street.

During a police interview, Betancourt told authorities that he shot the victim during an argument after the victim armed himself with a knife. 

Authorities, however, found a photo and a video on Betancourt’s phone that told a different story. 

According to the report, just before the shooting, Betancourt took a photo of the victim appearing to be asleep in a bed. 

The video taken moments later showed the victim in the same position but this time, he had blood coming from his head. 

Betancourt has been charged with first-degree murder.