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Florida man shoots his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in front of child

Miami-Dade Police
Miami-Dade Police

(NORTH BAY VILLAGE, FL)– A 41-year-old Florida man has been arrested after he shot his ex-girlfriend and fatally shot her new boyfriend.
The incident occurred Monday morning in North Bay Village.
Authorities were called to an apartment home on 7920 East Drive on Harbor Island around 8:00 a.m. due to the report of gunfire.
When they arrived, they found a man fatally injured and a woman suffering from several gunshot wounds to the stomach.
The woman later identified as the suspect’s ex, was taken to a trauma center in critical condition but is expected to survive.
The man identified as the ex’s new boyfriend, was pronounced dead at the scene.
Authorities say the gunman, Jose Arinbar-Camacho remained in the apartment and handed the gun to police when they arrived.
During questioning, Arinbar-Camacho told police that he was angry at his ex because she had a new boyfriend and that she and his young daughter were living with the man.
He told authorities that he wanted to ‘take’ the (man’s) ‘soul,’” and planned the attack at least a day prior:
“(He) also advised that he purchased a tourniquet, as well as QuikClot and gauze days prior to the shooting in the event that he was injured carrying out the shooting,” detectives wrote.

The child was in the apartment at the time but was not physically harmed. She has been taken into custody by the Florida Department of Children and Families.
Arinbar-Camacho is facing first-degree murder with a deadly weapon and child neglect charges.
He is currently being held without bond.