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Florida man shoots at vehicle not realizing it was a police cruiser


A Florida man admitted to shooting at a vehicle during a road rage incident but says he had no idea that he was shooting at a police deputy.
The incident occurred Wednesday evening on Balm Riverview Road.
Deputy Daniel Henry says he was leaving the HCSO Firing Range when he encountered a 2007 dark green Saturn sedan driving slowly on the two-lane road.
The deputy says the driver began aggressively “brake checking” him so he decided to go around when it was safe to do so.
Once the deputy was in the other lane, the driver put a gun out of his window and shot at the officer’s vehicle as it passed.
A bullet struck the back passenger door and the wheel of the deputy’s vehicle.
The deputy then pulled off of the roadway and got a description of the driver and the vehicle.
Another deputy spotted the vehicle and started following it before stopping the driver at a residence on McMullen Road.
The driver identified as 49-year-old Tracy Swint, admitted to opening fire on a vehicle during a road rage incident but says he did not know he shot a marked police cruiser.
Swint’s wife was also in the vehicle at the time. She has not been arrested or charged.
Swint facing charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and shooting into an occupied vehicle.