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Florida man kills mother because she didn’t push him “to be a man”

Osceola County Sheriff's Office
Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

(OSCEOLA COUNTY, FL)– A Florida man has been arrested after he fatally stabbed his mother and “accidentally” stabbed his sister.
The incident occurred Tuesday at a home near the intersection of Myrtle Oak Lane and Oak Hill Trail.
Authorities say they received a call about two victims who were stabbed inside of a home just north of Champion’s Gate.
Officials arrived at the home to find one woman who had been fatally stabbed and another woman with severe cuts on her hands.
The surviving woman told authorities that her brother, 21-year-old Matthew Sisley, stabbed her and her mother before fleeing the scene.
Authorities eventually found Sisley a few blocks away from the home.
When asked about the death of his mother, Sisley told authorities that he killed her “because she never pushed me to be a man.” Sisley then went on to say he “would do it again.”
When asked about attacking his sister, Sisley reported that it was an accident.
Sisley has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Additional charges are pending.